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Wood Flooring: Antique Wood Flooring

Antique wood flooring promotes conservation through the reuse of salvageable wood, primarily from old barns that have outlived their usefulness. In 18th and 19th century America various species of virgin timber covered our forests and were often used in the construction of these barns. Weathered by a century or more, some seasoned by the elements, some scarred by insects and nails, today this old wood still reveal dense growth rings and contain many distinctive characteristics imparted by the natural aging process and by early craftsmen.

Antique wood flooring utilizes beams, dimensional lumber and siding from old barns, structures, and rural buildings  built around the turn of the last century.  Usually, only buildings and barns that are abandoned, condemned or beyond repair are deconstructed to make antique flooring. By and large, these rundown structures typically were burned down but today the inclination is to reclaim the lumber, boards and beams from these old structures that dot our American landscape. They are given a second chance as antique wide plank flooring. Besides, recycling these old buildings is an environmentally friendly use of existing resources and reduces the need to harvest current old growth stands.

Antique wood flooring is steeped in American history. By recycling this ancient wood we are preserving a bit of the past for future generations to enjoy. Antique wood flooring retains the character and patina crafted by nature during decades of weathering by wind, rain and sun. Much of this vintage wood comes from original stands of virgin forests... white oak, pine, douglas fir and many other species that early settlers valued for their strength and dense straight grain but today is prized for its rich patina and color. There is nothing as splendid as the warmth and character of an authentic antique floor. The identifying marks of more than a century of aging and use give this wood distinct charm.

Reclaimed wood flooring is unique from each building. Notches, original saw marks, nail and bolt holes, hairline cracks and other character marks are reflected in each plank but only the most sound boards usually used.  All of the metal is removed and the wood is kiln dried to eradicate any bugs and provide stability. After being kiln dried, the recycled wood planks are gently re-milled produce a clean, smooth texture that's easy to finish and a new tongue and groove edge is usually applied. Re-milling brings out the underlying color and grain; makes the surface more uniform, though some character marks may remain and specific dimensions can be produced as required.

The past comes alive in reclaimed wood wide plank flooring as new life is breathed into these recycled wood boards, beams and rustic lumber. Warm browns, burnt oranges and deep ambers, a grainy texture and original saw marks provide an authentic rustic character unmatched by any artificial means.

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